A communication agency for science and art.

We solve the communication needs of your project and we ensure your message reaches the desired target in a credible, understandable, and attractive manner.

We make use of all the available tools and approaches, from the digital and the real world, to take your message further beyond and boost public engagement.


Communication strategy
Have a plan. We'll analyse the peculiarities of your project to design a personal plan adapted to your needs, audiences, and messages.

Web and app development
Create an online presence. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or an app, it is your choice. We will take care of creating a good user experience.

Press relations
Capture the attention of the press. We'll extract the essence of your project and distribute it among the appropriate media.

Social media and community management
Engage your audience. We'll choose the right social network and we'll help you interact with your online community.

Digital marketing
Present your product the right way. We'll make use of the available digital tools to ensure that you reach your audience.

Editorial and language services
Use the right words. We'll edit and proof-read your texts to ensure you website, leaflets, newsletter or reports are beautifully written.

Audio-visual services
Communicate beyond words. We'll take care of creating beautiful videos, audios or photographs for your project.

Advise on e-commerce and data protection
Comply with the law. We'll make sure that your products follow the GDPR rules and e-commerce regulations.

The team

Julia Garcia Lopez
Science Communicator

Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez
Software Engineer

Ruth Marin
Online Marketing

Alejandra Canoura Perez
Legal Advisor on e-Commerce and Data Protection

Shane Tivenan
Language Consultant and Audio Visual Technician


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